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LWDHS Mission

To cultivate, promote, sustain and elevate the art and science of dental hygiene; represent and safeguard the common interests of the members of the dental hygiene profession; and contribute to the improvement of the health of the public.


LWDHS Officers, Chairs, Flossline Staff, and Webmaster
President  Danette Lindeman
Past President/Historian  Lori Matsumura

President-Elect/Sealant Day  Kim Harang
Secretary/Sealant Day  Nastassia Van Gundy
Treasurer/Restorative Day  Adisa Salaka
Trustee/LWTC Contact  
Sue Carroll

Colette Sharer

Hospitality  Cathy Dunlop


Member Services  Angela Copley RDH 
Flossline Editor/e-Circulation  Christi Beyer-Tarver

Fundraising/Dental Hygiene Month  Elise Tanner
Dental Hygiene Month  Faith Gant
Webmaster  Margaret Fehrenbach



ALL MEETINGS UNLESS NOTED ARE HELD AT ESC BUILDING IN BELLEVUE (Upstairs Boardroom) ON THE THIRD THURSDAY AT 7:00-9:00 pm (except June, July, August, and December)  at 12111 NE 1st St. Bellevue, WA, 98005


Business Meeting at 7-8 pm
CE Speaker at 8-9 pm ***1 credit CE***
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Meeting Dates 
(for more information on each topic and speaker, see WSDHA/LWDHS Newsletter)


MAY 15, 2014 – Marilynn Rothen, RDH, MS—Probiotics and Oral Health


JUNE 2014 – Installation Meeting/no speaker      


SAVE THE DATES for 2014!

April 25-26 for the WSDHA Symposium for Oral Health Professionals Bellevue Embassy Suites         


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Component Notes and News to Use


LWDHS Free Kids Dental Day/Sealant Day 2014

Thank you to everyone that came out to volunteer for our annual Free Kids' Dental Day! We made a difference for so many children on this day. We had wonderful reviews from the parents and patients we saw. I've listed the average cost for uninsured patients for the services in the parentheses.Together, we saw 74 children for initial exams ($97), placed 324 sealants, ($59)  applied 70 fluoride varnishes ($53), and took 155 BW films ($53), 3 PA's   ($31). In addition to our usual Sealant Day services, we also had 2 extractions ($185), 3 fillings ($270) and 1 stainless steel crown ($290) for a total value of treatment provided: $35,582 this figure does not include the valuable services of all the volunteers.

Related CE Course

Each spring our dental hygiene component prepared itself for our Sealant Day by completing a CE Course Online. This year we will be working with Special Care: An Oral Health Professional’s Guide to Serving Young Children with Special Health Care Needs from the  National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center | Georgetown University  at This 5 module course is monitored by ADHA who will be sending the course credits of 4 hours by email one month after completing.  Registration is necessary for completion.










2014 LWDHS Restorative Day

Another successful Restorative Day is under our belts! We saw 34 children and did the following treatment: 


Exams ($97): 2 = $194

Prophy-child ($86): 7 = $602

Sealants ($59): 13 = $767

Fluoride ($46): 10 = $460

1 surface composite ($207): 10 = $2,070

2 surface composite($270): 30 = $8,100

3 surface composite ($332): 5 = $1,660

4+ surface Composite ($385): 2 = $770

Pulpotomy ($187): 2 = $374

4 BWX ($70): 1 = $70

Extraction ($185): 7 $1,295

SSC ($290): 1 = $290


TOTAL: $16, 652



In a span of 5 hours we provided $16,652 worth of dental care. Every single volunteer helping out was absolutely incredible and extremely helpful! Each one of you played a crucial role in the success of this event. Between Kids Free Dental Day on Feb 8th and Restorative Day March 1st, we provided $52,234 worth of care! Thank you to the following volunteers: 


Clinic Angels/Sterilization:

Scarlet Kenrick

Richelle Stauch



Dr. Princeton Co (Thank you for the doughnuts!!!)

Dr. Robert White with assistant Jordan

Dr. Emma Etemadi with assistant Melissa



Restorative RDHs

Michael Houston

Cindy Ko 

Monica Seth

Elinne Wright

Becca Zabel

Colleen Tughan

Caroline Allen

Hallie Humlick



Christie Byre-Tarver

Katrina Sigurdson 

Danita Im

Sue Carrol

Allison Hill

Victoria Magoonbarker

Robin Villa

Angela Coplay- Thank you for confirming all the patients!!



Kayla Olson


Student Dental Hygienists: Sue Huber, Mallory Stocker, Shayla Larson, Sylvia Aupiu, Vikki Poltroon, and Megan Shaver


Dental Assisting Students: Jackie Michkowski, Siobhan Owen-Ryseff, Stephanie Eadie, Neda Aghdasi, Jaimee Wond, Ailssa Jeske, Kareena Dumbach, Megan Arrington, Kelci Ranniger, Angela Bassen, and Darien Lighthart



Please visit to see pictures from this event (soon!) and previous events. 


Adisa Salaka, RDH

Restorative Day 


Newsletter 2014

Please send all newsletter contributions by email to Christi Beyer-Tarver, our Flossline Editor. Contributions must be received by the 5th of each month in order to be included in the following months' issues. Advertisements and job postings are also accepted for this publication.

Mentors for LWTC student dental hygienists can sign up at meetings- Contact Sue Carroll


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